Eco Water Adventure offers guided Jet ski tours through the beautiful Southwest coast of Puerto Rico in a safe and family environment. We believe in protecting our participants, the marine environment and our Natural Resources.

Exploring amazing beaches and cays with beautiful crystal clear waters and colorful corals. Our mission is to educate, protect and create awareness of our marine environment. Also, to provide a positive learning experience and appreciation for the environment in our Nature Reserve.

Our objective is to have a safe day filled with fun and adventure.

We provide the latest models of Sea Doo. They are available for the security and comfort of our participants.

  • They have IBR System – Intelligent brake and reverse system
  • Ergo lock seats – for more control, handling and comfort
  • Includes ladder to facilitate getting on the Jet ski.

Before each tour: Each participant is given a set rules on how the Jet ski operates and a few signals the tour guide will use during the tour (takes approx. 15 min).