Frequently asked questions

1Can we operate the jetski alone by ourselves or will there always be someone with us?
This is a tour. You will drive your own jet ski, but you will be guided by a Eco Water Adventure professional along the tour routes for safety purposes.
2How many people are allowed per jetski?
Only two people are permited per jet ski or a maximum weight of 450 lbs, for safety reasons. Passengers age 6 and under, pregnant women and people with back problems are not allowed for safety reasons.
3Do I need to know how to swim?
No! Each person on the jet ski will be provided a US Coast Guard Approved lifejacket that is able to keep you safe.
4Which payment methods are available?
Online: Paypal and credit card payments In person: Paypal, credit card, cash and ATH Movil.
5Is transportation available to your site?
Unfortunately no. Both of our tour locations are in Southwestern Puerto Rico. If you are coming from the San Juan area (Northern Puerto Rico) it will take anywhere from 2 hours - 2.5 and can be longer if there is traffic along your route. Please plan accordingly.
6Is there a waterproof compartment available inside the jetski?
Yes, there are two compartments with enough space for phones, wallets and keys.
7What is your cancellation policy?
You have 48 hrs to cancel either online or by phone without any charge. If you cancel within 24 hrs there will be a $25 cancellation fee and if you cancel the same day, your payment will not be reimbursed.
8How long until I receive my refund?
We will immediately initiate the refund but credit card processing times are determined by your financial institution and business days.